Stuart Hughes

Stuart HughesLadies and Gentlemen. For the past 30 and 28 years respectively I have been honoured by your support in working for the Sidmouth Sidford Ward/Division on East Devon District and Devon County Councils.

I believe that over those years the record shows the results achieved on your behalf on a wide range of issues. I have always sought to stand up for what is right for both the individual and for the wider community and have always listened to the opinions of LOCAL residents.

I pledge to devote myself to making sure that all the people in this community continue to have the representation they so rightly deserve and I am always available should you wish to raise an issue with me.

I am respectfully yours Stuart

You can read Stuart's 2017 County Council election address here



HUGHES REPORT LATEST:20mph Speed signs installed outside Sidmouth School and College ........ Sidmouth Surface Water Management Plans for Knowle including Amphitheater to be submitted

COUNTY LATEST:..The Autumn/Winter 20/21 HUGHES REPORT is being printed and published

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 Sidmouth Sidford Matters

The Autumn/Winter 20/21 hard copy of the Hughes Report are being printed and will be dropping through the targeted areas of the Sid Valley bringing news of issues I have and am working on in and around the County Division and District Ward.


Rat Running update (1st February 17) Frys Lane, Brook Lane

Having consulted the residents of Frys Lane, Higher Brook Meadow and Brook Lane on the feasibility of the installation of bollards to the north of the Higher Brook Meadow junction on Frys Lane to overcome the increased use of this route as a rat run between Sidford High Street A3052 and School Street A375, it has been evident from the replies received that permanent bollards wouldn't be acceptable for those living on the Brook Lane side...There have been several suggestions put forward for consideration including vehicle activated 'Rising Bollards'.
I am re-consulting residents on a short term solution on whether they would support the provision of a table top speed hump in the narrow section of Frys Lane.

The consultation has now closed.

Laundry Lane Cycle/Footpath improvements (completed)

 All works on widening a small length of footway beside the A375 with a dropped crossing point have been completed along with Laundry  Lane. The gates fitted at the lower end (towards Ballards Grove) are to be removed as they were affecting the free flow of those in mobility scooters.


                      'There are no strangers only friends yet to meet'


Towards & Beyond 2020

I opposed the relocation of East Devon District Council's HQ from the Knowle and the subsequent loss of 400 local jobs which are vital to our local economy......Having been successful in moving an amendment that saw the proposal for the controversial Business/Retail Park site at Sidford being removed from the Draft Local Plan ....It was surprising to see the democratic decision not being supported by the Inspector and it remained in the plan.......I fought the Business Park application on Highway issues and this was refused......I shall now continue to oppose subsequent applications on this site and fight for  the designation of a Green Wedge between Sidford and Sidbury which is within the AONB....and continue to campaign for a link to the Alexandria Industrial Estate from the B3176 Station Road which would unlock the provision of further employment opportunities in the Sid Valley, and  maximising the full potential of World Heritage Site status (Jurassic Coast) by  the re-development of Port Royal  including the provision of an Interpretation Centre and lecture theatre. I also support the limited development of further affordable/shared equity housing .

I shall both support and promote measures that will improve the safety, environment and quality of life for residents. The Woolbrook 20mph zone has  seen a reduction in vehicle speeds and the  Toucan Crossing on the A375 Sidford Road which I called for as part of the Long Park to the Byes 106 funded Cycleway has benefited ALL cyclists, pedestrians and those with mobility scooters in reaching the Woolbrook Centre and the Byes.

Climate change poses the greatest threat to Sidmouth and further erosion in the vicinity of Pennington Point/Alma Bridge will leave eastern town exposed to flooding from a severe south easterly storm. I shall continue to raise this issue and press for the earliest implementation of a much needed coastal protection scheme through the Beach Management Plan..............I have already given the go ahead for necessary approvals to be sought for the replacement Alma Bridge which is the lifeline for those who live on the east of the Sid and is our Gateway to the Jurassic Coast...... Pedestrianisation (full/partial) and Park and Change are two issues that I shall continue to champion the cause for and which featured in the Vision Groups 'Vision for Sidmouth' document. These two measures go hand in hand towards providing a quality shopping experience for local residence and visitors alike by removing vehicles from the town centre.

Having supported the sterling work of the Comforts Fund through my locality budget in the provision of new facilities at the Sidmouth Community Hospital  I supported the case for the retention of the care beds and drew up a Transport and Car Parking plan and made my views known at various meetings and through the consultation process..* Sidmouth was successful in its campaign.*

Sharing Your Caring.

I secured the funding for the first phase of the Sidford to Sidbury section of the Sid Valley Trail this included a Tiger Crossing on the A3052 which has recently been completed.....Laundry Lane upgrade has now been completed including widening drop kerb crossing point on Two Bridges Road  and tarmac surface which I provided Investing in Devon funding towards.
I have also been successful in getting some funding earmarked in 17/18  for further design and land negotiations for the Sidbury section of the scheme.

Work in partnership with other local authorities and organisations for the benefit of Sidmouth, i.e. County and P3 Parish Paths Partnership.

Promote and support activities for the youth of the Sid Valley.

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