All web servers hold a small amount of information about you.

If we hold information about you, I wish to assure you that we are processing the information fairly and lawfully, and that we will inform you of the purposes for which we require the information when you supply it to us.

Any further questions contact me on 01395 578414

When we collect information

We will only collect information that is necessary for what we do;
We will be fair in the way we collect information about you;
We will tell you who we are and what we intend to do with the information about you;
We will collect information directly from you;
If we collect information about you from someone else, we will, wherever possible, make sure you know that we have done this.

When we use and disclose information about you

We will only use or disclose your information for legitimate purposes about which you have been told, unless we are required to do otherwise for legal reasons.

Information quality

We will ensure that information about you is accurate and up to date when we collect or use it. You can help us to achieve this by keeping us informed of any changes to the information we hold about you.

Information security

We will keep information about you secure.

We will protect your information against unauthorised use, damage, loss and theft.


We will hold information about you for as long as is necessary but, subject to any statutory retention periods, we will ensure that the information is disposed of in a secure and proper manner when it is no longer needed


We will be open with you about what kinds of information we hold and what we do with it.

Access and correction

Wherever possible, we will let you see the information we hold about you and correct it if it is wrong.

In general

We will comply with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998 and any subsequent legislation relating to information handling and privacy.

If you need more a more detailed explanation of any of the commitments made in this statement, please contact me:

Telephone: 01395 578414

If you would like to apply to have a copy of any records we hold about you, please contact us and we will inform you of the correct address to write to.
We cannot accept a request without the signature of the person making the request.

You may also like to find out more information about data protection from the Information Commissioner's web site. The Information Commissioner is a UK independent supervisory authority reporting directly to the UK Parliament and has an international role as well as a national one, covering both the Data Protection Act and the Freedom of Information Act.

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